Modular System Interio

INTERIO is a series that offers a wide choice of functions. It includes installation switches and socket-outlets, dimmers, TV-FM-SAT socket-outlets, RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 jacks, and multimedia connectors. All the functional elements are designed as modules. The modularity enables central surveillance from one location and allows you to save space, come up with your combinations and add elements later. In addition to functional modules, blank modules which have the width of a half or of a whole module, are also available.

All modules are available in four colors: signal white, warm white, anthracite and glitter grey, which, in combination with a wide range of cover plates of different colors and refined materials, gives a great capacity of implementation in different environments.

INTERIO is suitable for use when adapting existing buildings thanks to the supporting frame for two modules embedded in the standard box of diameter 60mm. When installing in new buildings, the modular installation method entailing the use of 3M, 4M and 7M constituent elements is used.

International Fair of Technique (UFI) in Belgrade in 2012

At the 56th International Fair of Technique (UFI) in Belgrade in 2012, the INTERIO modular system won the STEP INTO THE FUTURE PRIZE for superb technical and technological achievments in the area of electrical engineering.

During the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements (UFI) 2013 in Belgrade, we won a special recognition award A STEP INTO THE FUTURE for the application of new materials on INTERIO decorative cover plates.