Privacy Policy

The e-mail addresses of registered users of the services on this website are not shared with anyone (third parties) under any conditions. If you are in some way dissatisfied with the services rendered via your e-mail and want to stop further use of the services, send a request to cancel the services to this email address.

Data Protection

You may be asked to give personal data when using our services. Providing this information is voluntary. Your personal data will be used strictly in accordance with the data protection laws applicable in Serbia.

Personal data submitted to the Nopal Lux d.o.o. website are used in standard procedures to process your requests. Your data may only be processed and used for consultations and advertising and marketing research with your explicit consent.
If you also give consent to your data being used by other organisations which are part of Nopal Lux d.o.o. or an additionally specified third party when providing data for the above defined purposes, they may also be shared with those parties. If you do not give your consent, your data will not be shared with anyone.