During the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements (UFI) 2013 in Belgrade, we won a special recognition award A STEP INTO THE FUTURE for the application of new materials on INTERIO decorative frames.

International Fair of Technique (UFI) 2013

At the 56th International Fair of Technique (UFI) in Belgrade in 2012, the INTERIO modular system won the STEP INTO THE FUTURE special recognition for superb technical and technological achievements in the area of electrical engineering.

General Manager Djura Jakovljev and
Executive Manager Jovana Jakovljev


Jovana Jakovljev, the Executive Director and co-owner of the company, said: “We are pleased that our new production line has received such a positive response both from industry experts and visitors to the Belgrade Technical Fair. We are proud that our entire programme is the result of a fully rounded development and production cycle in the company, which makes us stand out on the Serbian market. The market presence of the new line will complement the range and round off our business. Nopal Lux is an export-oriented company with exports accounting for 45% of total sales, and with the new line we are keeping pace with world trends in electrical installations and we are expecting a positive response on the foreign market.“

Nopal Lux at International Fair of Technique, Belgrade 2012