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Interio intelligent room

This term implies the microprocessor-driven room controller that supervises all the parameters relevant for normal functioning of a hotel room.

This includes the control of the temperature, entering/exiting the room, alarms, and alike.

In order to achieve higher efficiency, such stations are connected to a computer, and thus the entire control is centralised.



In modern hotels, computers play a very important role. Apart from the administrative activities, they are also used for management and supervision of the entire system.
It has been proven that investment into the computer system quickly pays off, both from the financial point of view, but also through the increase of safety and quality.


The intelligent room INTERIO may be adjusted to the specific needs of a particular hotel. It enables:

  • Air-conditioning system management in accordance with the room occupancy scheme;
  • Illumination control, water flow, window blinds;
  • Room entry and exit (by virtue of transponder cards), as well as room occupancy;
  • Door and window open/close detection, detecting water of bathroom floor;
  • Activating of SOS alarms, unauthorised entry, temperature;
  • Monitoring of staff traffic, status “Room cleaned”;
  • The guest uses the same card to open the main gate, parking, to pay for other services in the hotel (link to hotel’s business software).

The link to the hotel’s operational software allows the possibility to program the temperature in accordance with the calendar of occupancy, disables dialling of external phone numbers when the guest is not in the room, and alike.

The entire system is centralised through a PC computer, whereas the control of the most important alarms and temperature may be doubled for safety purposes through an additional module – panel.


The transponder card reader module for room access

  • The touch-free recognition of access code on the transponder card from a distance of cca. 5 cm;
  • The transfer of the access code to the room controller;
  • Enables room access function;
  • Ensures the signals “guest in the room” / “room access granted”, “do-not-disturb”/ “access denied”, “room-maid attention”, “SOS”.


CRRFID2 transponder card reader module is used in conjunction with the room controller. It is installed in the installation box 3M.

Power supply through the sub-station; by bringing of the card to a distance of cca. 5 cm from the card reader, it reads the code and sends it to the room controller which checks whether the card is authorised to open the door.

If it is, it activates the electric strike (door lock), registers the card user who opened the door, as well as the time when the door was opened. On the front panel, there are signalling lights for messages “do-not-disturb”, “guest in the room”, “SOS”, “room-maid attention”.

The lamp “guest in the room” may be configured to show the presence of the guest only when the staff card is used and to activate a sound alarm (bell) in the room after 5 seconds to inform the guest that a member of the staff is in front of the door.

The message “do-not-disturb” may be active for as long as the same guest is checked-in in the room or only after the guest leaves the room.


The transponder card holder for the identification of occupancy status

  • Touch-free recognition of access code on the transponder card;
  • Transfer of access code to room controller;
  • Energy saving function;
  • LED light on the card insert location.


CDRFID2 transponder card reader module is used together with the room controller. Installed in the installation box 3M. After entering the room, a welcoming light goes on (in the lobby), and after inserting the card in the occupancy reader module, the lights and other devices power-up, and the air-conditioning unit goes from the economic into comfort mode of work.

The holder recognises the cards of the guest programmed for the use in a specific room (or staff cards which may be programmed for the use in all or a group of rooms), on the computer, at any moment, it can be seen who opened the door, i.e. whose card was deposited.

When the maid’s card is deposited, by pressing the “room-maid attention” button, the status appears on the computer that the room has been cleaned and that it is ready for potential new guest.


The operator unit controls the individual control systems in hotel rooms

  • It shows the room temperature and settings;
  • The settings are adjusted by UP and DOWN buttons;
  • The first selection is for the fan speed to control the fan (“silent mode”) or selection of “Auto” mode;
  • Measuring of room temperature by virtue of the installed temperature sensor;
  • The functions Do-not-disturb and Room-maid attention;
  • SOS reset in the room;
  • Buzzer function.


RC3 operator unit for the control of room temperature and enabling of do-not-disturb/room-maid attention is used together with the room operator unit.

Installed in the installation box 3M.

On the 4-digit room operator unit, it is possible to read the room temperature, use the buttons to set the desired temperature in the +/-xx °C range from the pre-programmed temperature.

It also has a button for the activation of signalisation “do-not-disturb”/“room—maid attention”, air-conditioning button (OFF/ON), as well as the buttons for room temperature regulation.

The selected accounts are controlled by the installed signal LED lamps. The operator unit also contains a sound signal for the buzzer function or messages “Call the reception”.

The display also shows the message "Door" when the entrance door is open, or “Open” when a window is open. The operator unit may also be equipped with a probe for measuring and regulation of room temperature, but it may also be placed in a separate module or on the lid of the installation box.