Jovana Jakovljev Executive Director

NOPAL Lux: Leader in Quality and Services…

NOPAL Lux LLC is a leading manufacturer of electrical installation material in Serbia, built on the foundations of NOPAL joint stock company, whose name has implied value, quality and reliability for over 50 years. 123 people are employed in the company at a one location in Serbia and the production capacity amounts to 5 million units per year.
NOPAL Lux LCC offers a full assortment of products for home electrical installations:

• Lampholders and Lighting Fixtures
• Switches and Socket-outlets
• Plugs, Portable Socket-outlets and Distributors
• Door Chimes
• Electrical Installation Equipment

The company consists of development department, modern workshop with CNC machines and CAD/ CAM system, production hall for processing the plastics using the injection molding and direct compression techniques, production hall for processing metal parts with the developed surface protection technique (zinc plating and nickel plating) and production hall for final assembling.

Such a completed technological cycle ensures the application of most advanced techniques and the constant development of new products.

Nopal Lux constantly increases its market, both at home and abroad.


The Bačka Palanka plant is, as it always has been, the head office for the management. This is the location of the business management and managerial staff for each of the following areas: Sales and Marketing, Development and Construction, Workshop, Controlling, Laboratory, Company Planning and Production, Warehouse, Data Processing, Materials Management, Personnel and Finance departments.
As a result of concentrated investments in building, assembly and production facilities, the plant will continue to be extended and modernised on the basis of the latest economical thinking.

Nopal Lux Production Plants